Welcome to the BDRC

The club has been going for over forty years and during this time it has seen many changes.  We aim to support local riders to enjoy and improve their riding by providing fun and supportive events and training, and encouraging our members (juniors and seniors) to compete as part of the club’s teams.

Membership can be located here.

All our events and training are open to everyone.  To enter online for events, go to the Events page and there will be a booking form available. The same applies for Training.

Team events are also undertaken at both Mercian and Area levels, if you are interested in joining one of the club’s teams please contact Stacey Wilkinson (Mercian) or Chloe Palmer (Area) for more information.

Club merchandise can be purchased on the Shop page.

The committee hope to see you at our events during the year.

BDRC are a non-profit organisation where any monies received are put back into the club.