⏱TIMES⏱ – Pole Work work Clinic with
Pamela Whitman Robinson
Saturday 1st August 2020 at
Gracelands Equestrian Centre

Abbie Hailing
Joanne Mckinley (Harley D)
Shannon Lawton

Bethany Mann
Sharon McLean
Zoë Bowen

Uaura Lsefnia
Millie Hodgson
Francesca Jackson
Germaine Ash

Liz Shakes
Lynda Hawkeswood
Joanne Mckinley (Magic)

Clare McKinley
Freya Warmington
Sarah Pinfield

3:30pm (half HR private)
Stacey Wilkinson

Please can we follow a few rules –
✅ Keep a safe distance from others at the clinic
✅ Nobody is to enter the café or indoor arena.
✅ If you have someone travelling with you and watching please can we ask that they stay close to your vehicle and watch from around the arena not all stand at the gate into the arena.
✅ Please enter the arena by the indoor arena and leave the arena via the gate that takes you to the bottom corner of the car park.
Have fun and please stay safe.
If you have any questions please let me know.